Roof underlayment and eave protection synthetic membrane

  • High strength, light weight and easy to carry
  • Superior nonwoven slip resistance surface
  • Lays flat and straight over long distances
  • Stays put with its underside non slip coating
  • Cool to touch and pliable under extreme temperatures
  • Works in any weather condition is safe and ease of use
  • Lighter weight
  • 90 Day UV resistant
  • Greater coverage per roll
  • Can be used under all types of roofing materials
  • 100% recyclable water resistant polyolefin construction
  • Wrinkle free and low temperature flexibility for ease of installation
  • All of these features combined with its print design result in easier, faster and more accurate installation
  • RESISTOR SF meets and exceeds required industry standards
  • 42″ x 286′ roll(1000 SQFT)
  • Part #: RSUAD


High temperature self adhered roof underlayment

  • Premium protection from wind-driven rain, snow, water & ice dams
  • Micro-etched surface technology which provides superior steep-slope walkability for roofers
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM D1970
  • LapLock™ technology for watertight seals on laps
  • Split-release liner for fast and easy application
  • 180 days UV exposure
  • 30 years warranty
  • Low temperature flexibility – PASS
  • Thermal stability – 240°F
  • Temperature range – 40°F to 240° F
  • 36″ x 67′ roll (201 SQFT)
  • Part #: PSUHT
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