PBR-1236® Shadow Wall is the reverse run of our PBR-1236® panel. It is a long lasting, economical, exposed fastener metal siding solution. This profile can be used for residential, agricultural, or commercial projects. PBR-1236® is a versatile product that can be installed over open framing or a solid substrate. To ensure product quality during transport, an additional protective sheet will be added to each lift at the longest length.

Looking to add a light source to your building without the added electrical costs? Poly-Carbonate Panels & Ridge Cap is your light solution!

PBR1236SW Metal Roofing Panel


  • 1-1/4” ribs on 12” centres
  • 36” coverage (width)
  • Available in
    • 26 gauge
    • 24 gauge (special order only)
  • #10 screw is recommended for install
  • 40 year paint warranty

Siding Application

The standard fastening and overlap patterns should be used when installing siding to ensure optimum performance.  Hemmed corner flashings should be used for strong neat corners.  Other flashings you will use when installing side panels are drip cap (over windows), J-Trim (around windows and doors), and door jamb flashing.  You should not run siding panels all the way to the ground, and the bottom edge should be terminated on a base flashing.  When the wall consists of more than one panel in each vertical row, install panels from the bottom up so water is directed away from, and not into, the lap joints.  Siding panels installed horizontally should have Butyl tape or caulking applied at the vertical laps, as this will ensure weather-tite joints.

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