Dripstop Condensation Control


DripStop has become the world’s best-selling condensation control product by being a faster, cheaper & more durable solution. Don’t let condensation from your metal roof cause the contents of your building to be rained on. DripStop anti-condensation membrane is a cost effective solution for preventing dripping caused by condensation.



Be sure to request DripStop prior to ordering up your roofing metal as the product is applied at the roll-forming process.

  • Save money on installation.
  • Cuts down construction time.
  • Durable, rip & tear resistant.
  • Helps fight corrosion.
  • No bird nesting troubles.
  • Helps prevent injury on the job site.
  • Easy to clean.

How DripStop Works

morning dripstop

As the temperature rises, moist air is released into the atmosphere.

evening dripstop

As the temperature drops, moist air rises up.

night dripstop

At the dewpoint, water is trapped in the Dripstop membrane.

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